Helping nervous students

It is perfectly normal to get nervous on your driving test or even just driving in general. We make driving fun and therfore helping to keep nerves to a minimum, Below is a few tips on dealing with practical driving test nerves,

  • Don't think about 'what if I fail'. Concentrate on the positive, the negative will fend for itself.
  • Introduce yourself to the examiner as soon as you find out who is going to administer the test, and thank them for being your examiner. It will create something of a rapport between you and the examiner and make it feel like less of a "Me versus Them" situation.
  • Use common sense. If a truck jumps out in front of you and you have to swerve out of your lane without signaling, it isn't a demonstration of bad driving, but defensive driving. Normally, unless you speed, tailgate, don't use turn signals, or recklessly change lanes without reason you will pass.
  • Be completely aware of everything, especially potential pedestrians who have the right of way.