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About our driving school in Liverpool

A lot of companies pass themselves off as "driving schools" (especially in Liverpool) - whilst some of these may have a good reputation, they often result in no real companionship or chemistry between instructor and student. You often feel like you're dealing with a business associate than a teacher. I'm glad to say my ex students develop a positive and beneficial relationship with me and this always gets the best out of you as you learn how to drive. I have been operating for the past 6 years but I have personally been a driving instructor for 7 years. Our current "1st time" pass rate in our Liverpool driving school is 84% - a statistic that's we're very happy with!

We like to operate on a complete one to one friendly basis - we don't get cross with you and we certainly don't make you feel uncomfortable when driving. Your lessons are designed to be informative and productive - but they're also meant to be fun and rewarding for those learning to drive with us.

Here is a short video we had made that we put on YouTube - we love it so see what you think: